3 Reasons to Live in NJ While Working in NYC

Are you a recent grad who’s considering working in the vibrant heart of New York City but seeking a more affordable and spacious living arrangement? Or, are you an established professional who’s looking to move to a more suburban setting, but still wants to remain close to the city for work and play?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then look no further than East Orange, New Jersey! 

Here are three compelling reasons to choose an East Orange apartment as your new home while working in NYC!

Affordable Rent and More Living Space

The average monthly rent for a New York City’s apartment is notoriously sky-high! 

In stark contrast, East Orange offers welcome relief to renters.

The cost of living in the New Jersey suburbs outside of NYC tends to be lower. This allows you to enjoy an apartment with more square footage for a much more reasonable cost. With an East Orange Apartment, you can enjoy spacious living arrangements, perhaps with additional rooms for your hobbies, and accommodating guests. Or, you can dedicate an extra room or area of your apartment as an office for the days you work remotely. 

East Orange apartments give you a chance to enhance your quality of life by making the most of your living space.

A Convenient Commute to the City for Work or Play 

Imagine a hassle-free daily commute. A chance to leave the congestion of the city behind as you travel swiftly to NYC without issue. 

Living in an apartment near the East Orange Train Station lets you enjoy the comforts of suburban living while offering you easy access to the professional opportunities and popular attractions of the city. 

Commuting from East Orange to NYC not only saves time trying to drive to the city, it also reduces the stress of navigating city traffic in a vehicle. Additionally, the free time you’ll enjoy during your train ride can be used to catch up on your reading, listen to your favorite podcasts, read emails to get a jump on your workday, or simply relax. 

Overall, commuting to the city from the East Orange Train Station contributes to a better work-life balance for you! 

A Haven for Car Owners

Owning a car in NYC can be a burden for multiple reasons. As we previously mentioned, trying to navigate the constantly congested streets is a Herculean task regardless of the time of day in the city that never sleeps. 

Besides that problem, NYC car owners also have to deal with higher insurance rates, outrageous parking fees and gas prices, the extra expense of parking tickets, and a higher chance of accidents or theft. 

Life in East Orange presents a different, much more positive scenario for car owners. 

Owning a car in East Orange is not only more feasible due to available parking spaces but also more practical and affordable. You’ll more than likely save money on your insurance and fuel expenses. Plus, this popular suburban NJ neighborhood gives you the flexibility to explore the surrounding areas, visit nearby attractions, travel to neighboring states, and maintain a level of independence that might not be as achievable in the heart of NYC.

Make the Move to East Orange

As you can see, these are some great reasons to make the move to East Orange. However, they’re not the only reasons for calling this wonderful neighborhood your new home. 

If you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of life in our community, then you should consider the apartments at The Station at East Orange! 

You’ll find spacious 1-, 2-, and 3- bedroom floor plans with a host of desirable apartment features and popular community amenities. Plus, we’re just minutes away from the East Orange Train Station for an easy commute to the city!

Are you ready to make East Orange, NJ your new home? If so, contact us today to schedule a tour or to speak with one of our leasing specialists! 

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